Tanja Brzaković


She was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and studied Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts, Belgrade. Post-graduate studies of directing finished at University of Hamburg. She worked as a director and screenplay writer in Berlin, Hamburg and Belgrade. During her career she made about 15 short movies, 2 middle length movies and two feature documentaries.

Her films were shown on film Festivals all over the world (Los Angeles, Cannes, Paris, Prague, Moscow, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Kiev, Tokyo, etc.) and won prizes : Sehsüchte in Potsdam 2003, Shocking Short Award von 13th Street 2002 (award Master Studies at Universal Studios LA), Deutscher Filmschulpreis in silver 2002, Bergischer Filmprize 2007, Palermo 2009 and others.

Since 2004 she is intensively involved in media education of children and young people. She conducts workshops for youngsters at the age from 9 to 18. Through the theory and practice she tries to bring the young generations closer to the handcraft and creation of filmmaking and TV.

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2017 >> THE CHINESE WILL COME << post production // documentary // author, director, editor // Talas Film
2015 >> JOVICA AND HIS TEETH << (74 min) //documentary // author, director, editor // Talas Film
2008 >> JELENA‘S WORLD << (80 min) // documentary // author, director, producer // Talas Film // Filmkrafwerk
2007 >> SWAPPING THE SIDES << (91 min) // mockumentary // screenplay, Creative-Producer // ger-rus coproduction
2006 >> ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT << (61 min) // feature // author, director, producer // Filmkraftwerk Production
2002 >> BY MY SIDE << (25 min) // short film // director // Hamburger Film Werkstatt
2001 >> WEDDING DAY << (10 min) // short film // director // Hamburger Film Werkstatt
2000 >> PASSING THROUGH << (5 min) // short film // director // Hamburger Film Werkstatt
1999 >> THE MOMENT << (10 min) // short film // director, screenplay , producer
1998 >> DON‘T EXPLAIN << (45 min) // feature // director // FDU
1994 >> THE STRONGER ONE << (17 min) // short film // director // FDU

Künstlerinnenstipendium Berlin 2017

Artistic fellowship for the development of documentary „Traces- Oscar Fischinger“, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

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principal photography finished in October 2016
production supported by Film Center Serbia

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feature film
at the East-West Coproduction Market at Filmfestival Cottbus
Producer DCM Pictures

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presented at several festivals
Produced by Talas Film 

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“I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person.”

Bill Murray

Tanja Brzaković